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Cut Your Heating

Bill Over 60%!

Carrier's new Greenspeed Heat Pump

The World's Most Efficient Air Source Heat Pump.

Carrier’s new Greenspeed™ heat pump with inverter compressor operation sports a 13.0 HSPF. (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor) That could easily be over 60% higher than your existing heat pump. The resulting decrease in your heating bill will be substantial.

When compared to other fuels like oil, propane and natural gas the savings are even more breathtaking.

An $1,800 oil heating bill could easily be cut to under $500 with this heat pump.

Carrier LogoThis revolutionary heat pump will completely change the performance and operation cost benefits of split system heat pumps. Greenspeed intelligence technology will provide nearly linear heating, much like gas or electric heat, not just down to 30-35 degrees but down to an unprecedented 5 degrees! The result will be total home heating with the new heat pump well below the typical 30-35 degrees of traditional heat pumps.

The energy savings should be dramatic!

Greenspeed LogoWe are trained and ready to install this new technology in your home now. The product is readily available. Contact one our of design sales staff for your convenient appointment.

For more information look at our Products page.

2015 Spring Cool Cash

Featuring up to $1,500 in Rebates

Rebates direct from Carrier for qualifying systems. Cool Cash Logo

Bigger than ever before the promotion begins on September 1st, 2013.

There are rebate options from $50 to $1,500 covering 2/3rds of the Carrier residential product line. These can be combined with regional incentive programs from utilities to take thousands of dollars off of the the investment in new high efficiency home heating and cooling products.

Please be sure to contact us here at All Seasons Heating for the details. It is our pleasure and goal to provide you with the most comfortable, efficient and economic HVAC system tailored to your specific needs and requirements. Cool Cash Rebates from Carrier will greatly enhance your ability to get just what you need.
The Following Important Dates Must Be Observed.
Not Eligible for the promotion.
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PP&L $1,250 Incentive

Pacific Power & Light Incentive

When you purchase qualifying heat pump equipment from us, PP&L will gladly send you a check for up to $600. Their incentive is to help you buy high efficiency heat pumps that will in the long run save more energy. PP&L has published such equipment can save you an annual average of 200 KWH with these types of systems, reducing your carbon footprint by about 360 pounds.

Heat pumps must meet or exceed the following...

A lesser incentive of $150 is available for heat pump to heat pump conversions.

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PSE Offering $800 Rebate

Puget Sound Energy Incentive

PSE is offering an $800 rebate to customers installing highly efficient heat pumps with at least a 10 Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF) and a 16 Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER), as rated by the Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI), to replace older, less efficient equipment.

“Ground-breaking heat pumps like the Infinity 20 will deliver comfortable heating three times more efficiently than a standard electric forced-air furnace. This efficiency and energy savings, combined with our new $800 rebate, will deliver long-term benefits at an affordable price for our customers,” said Dennis Rominger, energy efficiency expert, PSE. “The reason we are offering a rebate of this magnitude is because it is cheaper for PSE and our customers to collectively save energy than to build new power plants, buy power on the open market, or to move power from long distances. This keeps the costs down for everyone.”

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CNG $250 Cash Back

Cascade Natural Gas Conservation Incentive Program

For 95% AFUE or greater gas furnaces, Cascade Natural Gas will give you $250 in return when you install a new gas furnace. To qualify your must meet the following items.

Ellensburg $550 Incentive

The City of Ellensburg Conservation Measure

The city of Ellensburg is offering incentives on the installation of 95% AFUE gas furnaces for both home owners and businesses. Incentives are offered to encourage installation of building & ductwork insulation, high efficient windows and water heaters. For details on the program call Clay McMechan (509) 962-7225 or Robert Doobovsky (509) 925-8602

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